2017 Great Gatsby NYE Bash

New Years resolution

New Year’s—A time of rebirth and an opportunity to restore order; a moment of self-imposed condition in life to reminisce, reflect, consciously contemplate and make our live’s better. There’s nothing quite as relieving as the opportunity to start fresh or to continue climbing that mountain to success—no matter what that means to you monetarily or personal strive to build relationship and expel negativity.

New Years resolution
2018—Here we come!

We relish the Eve to New Year’s to gather with friends and family to celebrate this fantastic changing of the year reflect and reminiscing! Let us join in cheer! Let us make 2018 a year for all to remember! It’s another year and another opportunity to take another step towards our goals as a collective as much as individuals.

Here at The Boldthouse, we will be hosting our first annual NYE Bash!

Here are the details:

The Great Gatsby NYE Bash

9pm, December 31, 2017
Entertainment hosted by Randy Wade and AJ Herrick, with live performance all night!

It’s free for all! However, tickets are being sold for extra VIP treatment.

All tickets sold include:

• A complimentary champagne toast
• Access to the buffet
• Valet Parking
• More to come!
•Access to the buffet table
•More to come!


For us, it’s an opportunity to celebrate with everyone that made this all possible. It’s time to reflect on all of our hard work and aspiring dreams to turn reverie into reality. We are so pleased that we could create a haven for all to come and join in cheer—A place to relax or finish that last work email at day’s end. Our philosophy has been to create a new environment, a domicile to relax, enjoy and try new things. We try to bring new unique experiences in our food and drink—our rotating craft beer and our worldly wine—for all to enjoy and to step out of our bounds to try new things. Our greatest aspiration to lead all of you on new adventures to create unforgettable experiences. We’d like to do that for years to come.

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NYE 2018 Great Gatsby Bash
The Boldthouse New Years Eve 2018 Great Gatsby Bash

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