Jaimee Harris Live! September 27!

If you’re looking for something to do this Thursday, look no further! We’re excited to be hosting Jaimee Harris for the fourth week of our Texas Songwriter Concert Series! As with all of the musicians in this particular series, Jaimee hails from Austin as one of the finest Americana musicians the town has to offer. We’re bringing Austin to Seabrook!

The Boldthouse_Jaimee Harris Texas Songwriter Series September 27, 2018
Jaimee Harris will be playing live at The Boldthouse on September 27, 2018.

We hope to see you upstairs for this event! And… To make it even better, it’s also Steak Night! Steak will be served all not long until we run out.

Our upstairs, which we call The Skyroom, is a small and intimate space. It makes the perfect environment for musicians to play and relax with the audience. Jaimee will be singing her heart out for you—We can’t wait! Let us know on our Facebook event page whether you can make it.

Here’s a little bio snippet, if you want to learn more about Jaimee:

Jaimee Harris is poised to become the next queen of Americana-Folk, a slightly edgier Emmylou Harris for the younger generation.

Her new album draws comparisons to Patty Griffin, Ryan Adams, and Kathleen Edwards – all writers who know how to craft a heartbreakingly beautiful song with just enough grit to keep you enthralled. Harris writes about the basic human experience, in a way that is simple, poetic, and often painfully relatable.

“You keep comin over… I keep goin under…”

Harris isn’t afraid to get personal, but her vulnerability never veers into the self-indulgent. Each little confessional gem she puts out there is something the listener will connect to; these are things we’ve all felt, though many of us are less than likely to admit them.





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